Hollow Inorganic Microspheres


  • Reduce costs by adding volume while reducing part density
  • Add buoyancy
  • Improve pumping and flow rates at normal filler loading, for faster mold filling
  • Improve flow at high loading, while maintaining desired viscosity and processing characteristics.
  • Improve resistance to thermal stress and thermal shock
  • Improve stiffness of composites
  • Reduce shrinkage, sag and slump in pastes, putties, urethanes and epoxies
  • Improved sound and thermal insulation without adding weight
  • Unsurpassed performance and economy as sensitizers for explosives
  • Improved sandability
  • Improved scrubability
  • Improved burnish and stain resistance

Hollow Inorganic Microspheres
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Hollow Inorganic Microspheres
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