A-Series Technical Quality Glass Spheres: Paints & Coatings

A-Series Technical Quality Glass Spheres are used in the coatings industry as milling media to reduce agglomeration/particle size of industry minerals and pigments.

SPHERICEL® Hollow Glass Microspheres: Paints and Coatings
These lightweight hollow glass microspheres reduce materials costs and VOC levels while enhancing the physical performance of paints and coatings.

With a density close to that of resin, they are less likely to settle out. They occupy a higher volume than an equal weight of the filler or pigment they replace, thus displacing additional solvents, for lower VOC content.

The addition of SPHERICEL®Microspheres can reduce the use of TiO2 without compromising desired levels of whiteness and hiding. Microspheres have the lowest surface-to-volume ratio of any particle shape, so they exhibit the lowest resin demand. This yields a tighter, more uniform film with greater integrity. The spherical shape also contributes to enhanced flow and leveling, and easier application.

The high surface hardness and chemical inertness of SPHERICEL® Microspheres imparts additional stain- and chemical-resistance to the product, for better durability.

When used in coating formulations, SPHERICEL® Microspheres improves the effectiveness of corrosion inhibitors like zinc phosphate, so that less is needed.

Since SPHERICEL® Hollow Glass Microspheres have densities ranging from 0.25 - 1.1 g/cc, they occupy a larger volume vs. other fillers, reducing the formulation weight, saving shipping costs.

Hollow spheres are used for thermal & acoustic insulation.

Hollow spheres allow lightweight autobody sealants and coatings.
SPHERIGLASS® Solid Glass Microspheres: Paints and Coatings

Potters fine SPHERIGLASS® microspheres grades are used in a variety of high performance paint and coating applications.

Scrub, abrasion and stain resistance, enhanced flow, pigment properties, corrosion resistance are among the qualities that formulators can achieve using SPHERIGLASS® microspheres.

  • Significant VOC reduction is possible in many top coat and primer paint applications.
  • Outstanding resistance to abrasion, scrub and stain
  • Excellent additive for anti-corrosive primer
  • Better abrasion resistance
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