Oil Drilling Beads: Oil Drilling

These specially-developed and specially-sized solid glass microspheres are added to drilling muds or slurries to increase lubricity and reduce required torque.

The spherical geometry and low-energy glass surface combines the slickness of a lubricant with the solid strength of a ball-bearing, tough enough to withstand the pressures and mechanical impact of drilling operations.

Two grades are available: Fine Grade (170-325 Mesh) is used to reduce torque on drill bits, and decrease pressure on the drill string while moving up and down.   Coarse Grade (30-40 Mesh) improves performance in softer formations and angular holes, because it prevents vacuum formation. The solid-bead geometry reduces differential sticking, freeing stuck pipes and preventing future occurrences.

The inherent crush-strength also makes these beads useful in cement-based applications

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