SPHERIGLASS® Solid Glass Microspheres: Adhesives

Potters Industries offers a wide range of specified glass microspheres, specifically designed for controlling and defining bond line thickness in adhesives.

In general, 90% of the product fits within a very tight gradation specified (Product Specs Line). These products meet the requirements of Raytheon Spec HMS20-1776D and Hughes Spec SCGMS-53004.

Other grades of SPHERIGLASS provide performance benefits:

  • Higher solids formulas
  • Reduced VOC
  • Minimum viscosity rise-high flow
  • Reduced coefficient of thermal expansion

Spacer Application Glass Microspheres
Composition: Soda-lime glass
Appearance: Colorless Sphere
Specific gravity: 2.5
Refractive Index: 1.51
Softening Point: 704°C
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